The Warpath
More details to come.....
  • Setting Creation
    • Settings come first here, as it's the setting and its options which dictate how a character can be created and what options are available.
    • All the options available in BRUGE
    • Leaving open the ability to add new options as per creator suggestions
  • Creature Features
    • I intend this to be as easy as possible to create a new creature. I'll attempt to have a copy/paste import function as it'll make it easier to data-entry all the BRUGE/ORC Creatures. This will not just be a text-based import, the system will do its best to match up powers and equipment.
    • An interactive "Creature Sheet" for a GM or Player to use in the "The Almighty Chat/Combat Tracker" (see below)
  • Character Creation
    • All the options, powers, and equipment available in BRUGE via the ORC license
    • Needs a fairly dynamic 2nd page with all the possible options
  • Setting Shares with other users
    • Settings will update on character load, so if a GM makes a change or adds new items, they will show up or update on the character sheet.
    • GM can view and modify player characters
  • The Almighty Chat/Combat Tracker
    • This one will be a beast, as I'm looking to have a real-time chat, Creature/NPC loading, and the combat tracker as per BRUGE
    • Other Initiative systems must be kept in mind for folks who don't quite like the grittiness of BRUGE's Init
    • The Electronic Character Sheet is available to players and may roll their dice in-game and it'll show up in chat with an easy to read and interpret label.
Current Focuses
Updated June 28, 2023
  • Powers and Power Sets
    • Coding a flexible data model which can handle nearly and power set. It is intended for this flexibility to be available to the users.
    • Powers should be separate, and available for Creatures to "just add and go"
  • Setting Export HTML: all the setting fluff, and then a standard "character creation summary" of all the options.