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Updated July 12, 2023

The Master Plan

In April of 2023 the most spectacular thing happened: Chaosism, Inc released their newly published Basic RolePlaying Universal Game Engine (BRPUGE below) under Paizo's new Open RolePlaying Creative License (ORC below) license.

With this news, I immediately recognized this as an opportunity to finally make a full-featured ground up Electronic Tools which could reference and display the entirety of the text which is supports instead of basic summaries. Sure, this would be more data to enter, but the benefits to our Players and GMs would be enormous.

I knew that I could do this relatively quickly, as I've created such tools before. As The Architect said in often criticized Matrix Revolutions. "…we have become exceedingly efficient at it".

The biggest challenge is that I, to my chemo-fog recollection, is that I had never actually played any of Chaosism's games. This, frankly, is a damn shame because I really like what I'm reading. 40+ years of RPGs and I never encountered this game? The odds must be stratospheric because I have quite a varied collection.

At this time I don't have an official partnership with Chaosism, other than the terms of the ORC license, but I'm fully open to negotiations on character building with their other properties. It's my intention to keep the backend code flexible enough to handle whatever is thrown at it, but curve-balls and sliders are always a welcomed challenge.


Premium subscribers may submit their original or officially licensed BRPUGE ORC settings. This will make their settings (along with all the NPCs, Gear, Powers, Weapons, Creatures, Cultures, etc) available to be used by all RPG Worlds users with a single click.

Premium Subscribers Benefits

In addition to above, Premium subscribers will also be able1:

  • Host a virtual table top where chats, pictures, and rolls can all be shared and all rolls linked to the electronic character sheets of the Creatures, NPCS, and Players.
  • Create more than 5 settings with no limitations on custom items in that setting.
  • Create more than 10 characters.

Pricing for Premium subscribers is still to be determined, but I imagine it'll be similar to Savaged.us's2 US$30/year. Details and official pricing will be determined as the app sunsets on initial completion.

1 This is a very terse list, more features to be added as development proceeds 2 My first and so far most successful online app venture.

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